This is it

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Ok, enough thinking. More doing.
So finally, I am turning thoughts into actions.

This space will not be updated much anymore as I move to another space. Ping me over you-know-where to get the site link.

Thanks for swinging by and stay true to what matters!

Mr Broccoli says…

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Remember to take your vege!


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I listened.
I processed.
I listened again.

I shook myself mentally.

“This can’t be happening. I refuse to allow this to affect me. No, I will not be upset. Yes, I must remain strong.”

Even as I chanted those words repeatedly to myself, a tiny tear rolled down my cheek. Surprised and annoyed, I furiously wiped it off before anyone noticed.

“Pull yourself together. You’ve been through worse than this and came out stronger. This is just another one of those growing-stronger opportunities.”

I will fight this till the end. Sure it may bruise me. Sure it may even scar me. Heck, it may even kill me. But damn, I’m fighting this till the end.

Just watch me do it.

Playing games

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I swear.

There are many things in Life I can lay claim to doing good. Maybe great in some. (Yup, tonight’s not a night for modesty)


There is one thing though, that I suck at. Really, really suck at. From 1 to 10, maybe -1000000.

Not because I tried but just couldn’t excel at it. But plainly because I do not believe in it. My logic is simple, really. Why bother trying to be good at something I don’t believe in.


So, if you are looking for someone to play games with, look elsewhere. I am not and will never be good at playing games.

“But why? Isn’t it an essential survival tool in today’s twisted world?” someone asked.

My answer :
Maybe it’s essential to some but definitely not to me. What’s essential is that I am true to myself and those who matter. What’s essential is that I fight for what I believe in. What’s essential is that I do what feels right to me. And most of all, what’s essential is that I appreciate Love and Life.

So no, I don’t appreciate games. Nor do I think it’s funny to watch others being played.

I repeat. Look elsewhere. I’ve really got nothing for you.

I swear.

The Boss

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Cute in a dorky way? 😉


A date with Marcio – Part 1

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“Hi! Are you here already? Should I head downstairs now?”, I breathed excitedly into the phone.

“Sorry, Eleen. We have to reschedule our date today.” he said.

“But why?? I’ve been up early today just waiting for our date!” I wailed.

“Trust me, I want to do this as much as you too…but we have to be safe. Today is not a safe day for our date.” he said softly.

“Oh” was all I could muster in disappointment.

“Tomorrow same time, ok? It will be a better day tomorrow. I promise.”

“Sigh. Ok then. See you tomorrow same time.”

Although disappointed, I knew that the wait will be worth it.

It’s gotta be worth it.

Brazilian Café

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I don’t like coffee.
I don’t like the feeling in my tummy when coffee settles in.
I don’t like the taste that lingers on my tongue when coffee seeps in.
I don’t like the strong aroma that gives me a headache.
I just don’t like coffee.


In the past 2 weeks, I have downed more coffee than I have ever had in my entire lifetime.

All because Mãe makes the most delicious coffee. That doesn’t make my tummy feel funny. Or give me a headache. Or turn my tongue into an alien’s.

And also.

Her coffee reminds me of grandpa. Coz his coffee tastes the same way. The good old way. Not the way those fancy shmancy coffee places like Starbucks make their coffee. And charge a limb for a cuppa.

Mãe’s coffee is the best coffee in Brazil. I’d bet my life on it. 😀