Incredible India : Pani Puri

Of all the various enrichments I’ve obtained during my 2-weeks in India, I have to say that the local street snacks take top spot.

Simply love the colorful displays by the roadside. And the creative way the stalls are setup by the vendors are simply amazing!

From the many street vendors vying for customers, the one that fascinated me the most was the Pani Puri vendor.

You’ll understand why when you see the below picture.

Pani Puri Vendor 1

And below picture is of the same stall from the side view – displaying all the essential ingredients that make this snack so delectable.

Pani Puri Vendor 2

What makes it so much more interesting is the way it is prepared for consumption.

Steps to prepare a pani-puri :

  1. Vendor takes a piece of the fried and crispy hollow golfball-sized ‘puri’
  2. Vendor sticks his thumb into the ball and makes a small hole
  3. Vendor stuffs the ball with a mixture of chickpeas, potatoes and 0nions
  4. Vendor dips the stuffed ball into some kinda soup
  5. Vendor passes it to the customer
  6. Customer quickly pops the entire thing into his/her mouth
    (if the customer takes too long, the walls of the thin bread will give way and all the ingredients will leak out. So, must make haste!)
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 a couple of times till the customer raises the white flag.

An order of this snack will cost about 10 rupees (less than RM1) and comes with 6 to 10 balls.

View below video to see how it’s done.

And below picture is a close-up of the snack seconds before it was popped into my mouth.

Close-up bola

Had to quickly gobble it up after taking this picture as it was starting to get soft (supposed to still be crispy when it reaches the mouth).

And finally, a video of my other attempt at eating the snack.

More hygienic, less conventional and definitely not as fun as my other attempt as captured in the earlier video.

Now, I have this itch to check out Penang’s Little India for this yummilicious snack. Anyone for some Indian snack hunting this weekend?



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