Phasing On

A new phase has recently crept up on me.

A phase that is so different. So weird, yet felt so right. So very unexpected.

I find myself dreading things that I used to enjoy doing. And embracing things I used to dread.

It hit me (hard) last weekend when I was planning the birthday celebration of someone super dear to me. I find myself putting off things that I used to jump at the first opportunity. And shied away from situations I used to bask in. The weirdest was what used to mean alot to me became totally meaningless. Into a silent space I crawled. And in there, I was … contented.

Strangely, this change does not affect the 2 pillars that held my sanity and happiness together. They are still very much intact and essentially, very much a part of me. Of that, I am glad.

I wonder what brought on the change.

Was it simply because I went from this…


To this?


Or something deeper inside has changed?

blue question mark

One thing I know that has not, and will not change is this…

The passion.
For life and for each other.

That will never change for a long, long time. Of that, I promise you.

P/S – Happy b’day, galfren! 😀


6 Responses to “Phasing On”

  1. Elaine Toh Says:

    u look better with short hair!!Nice…

  2. Hehe…thx Elaine. Haven’t seen you in awhile. Been busy? 😉

  3. Elaine Toh Says:

    not really busy ler..just less clubbing i guess..

  4. Elaine Toh Says:

    yes, ppl we know all retired. momo also tutup de.

  5. both looks great before and after! cool!

  6. Full agreement. Both looks good!! 🙂

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