Good News Day

It’s yet another Wednesday.
Yet another full dosage of my never-a-dull-moment workday.

Then over the wonderful WWW, the first piece of good news came in. Followed by the second. Both through the same channel but from different folks. Both I care for deeply.

Good news # 1 :
You really don’t waste time, do ya? Hehe…but then again, I can’t say that I’m surprised. We both know that you’ve been dreaming about this since the day you learnt about the birds and the bees.



Good news # 2 :
I told ya that good things come to deserving folks, didn’t I? And in my books, you are more deserving of this than anyone else I know. So give yourself a pat on the back, stay firm on your proposal (fret not, it really isn’t too much to ask for) and march forth. I’ll be right there behind ya!

Mucho Mucho

So to both of you, CONGRATS and I am honestly super duper happy for you. Although I will admit that an itsy bitsy part of me is a teeny bit sad. Cos with those good news, it also means that some parts of what we share will have to be sacrificed. *sniff*

Oh well.
We march ahead. Smile and embrace what Life has to offer.

I’ve never looked back since the day I started walking.  I hope the same goes for you too.


One Response to “Good News Day”

  1. “Made”, he said. “Not make”

    I know you are impatient…but need you be SO impatient???

    Ok ok, we have opposite views on this topic. And I sure as hell wish I don’t get to “made” like you did. Am so not a past-tense person. Will stay in the present tense, thank you very much.


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