An Admonition

When it comes to CA, there are many interpretations. Good ones, bad ones, funny ones, depressing ones … but there is a particular one that gives us the heebie-jeebies.

Sometimes, it pays unexpected visits.
Overstaying at times, leaving prematurely at others.
Occasionally, it likes to play hide-n-seek.
But most definitely, it snitches precious moments.

One thing’s for sure : It changes lives.

For one of my best galfriends.
For one of my favourite aunts.
For my Sweetheart.

And most recently, for me.

I realised of late that unknowingly, I have become the pillar of strength for alot of folks.
I can no longer afford to break down, to give up.
Mainly because I am not allowed room for it at all.

So you, bad CA, stay outta my way.
Better yet, stay outta my life and those I love.

I will fight you if that’s the last thing I ever do!


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