September Stirrings

I asked for challenges.
I asked for stimulation.
I asked for passion.

I got them all. And more!

Sure it’s nerve-wrecking.
Sure it’s brain-bombing.
Sure it’s hair-pulling.
Sure it’s teeth-grinding.

But above it all, it is pretty darn rewarding!

September has just started but the unmarked (read: free) days on my calendar are diminishing faster than the speed of light!

I didn’t realise how crazy it has gone till I couldn’t find any free slot to have some drinks with an old buddy.

How abt weeknights?
Can’t. It’ll be late by the time I’m done at the gym.
Lunch time on weekdays?
Can’t commit coz there are days I work through lunches.
Weekends leh?
Hmmm…as per my calendar, may have to travel again.
All the weekends in Sept???
Erm, those weekends that I’m in town, already booked ler.

Aiyoh! How to get some time with you lah?? – frustrated buddy exclaimed.

Honestly, I don’t know.

We’ll have to figure something out, I guess. Can’t promise anything for now but I will do my best, ok?

In the meantime, the light at the end of my super long tunnel will be this. Can’t wait!

*dream mode on*


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