What We Want

Being the imperfect humans that we are, we want many things in Life.

That gorgeous house.
That cute baby.
That sweet girl.
That hunk of a dude.
That sexier body.
That bigger paycheck.
That better job.

In the course of chasing all those things, we sometimes fall. Flat on our faces. At best, we just get a few small cuts. At worst, our faces get rubbed into the dirt so bad that we don’t feel like getting up at all.

Some folks get burnt so bad that they bear deep, deep scars. Every time they move, the scars remind them of the pain and the sufferings. And they retreat back into their shell. Then one day, they just stop wanting. Altogether. To them, wanting equates disappointment which equates hurt. Why be vulnerable again?

IMHO, not being able to want is like not being able to live. What is the purpose of life if we just exist without wanting and living?

So I want.
I want.
Damn, I want!

So what if I don’t get some of the things I want?

Move on, I will.
That’s Life, I say.


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