The Zoo

This is the reason why I hate politics.
Even if the intent is good or right.

Years ago, when one of my aunts married a politician, it didn’t change the way I feel about the dirty playing field. And I tried my damnest to not let how I feel about it affect the way I feel about my then-new-uncle. He is a great dude….but he is a politician. ‘Nuff said. Except for the obligatory annual CNY gathering, I keep my distance.

Amusingly, some of my buddies get all excited (or agitated) when politics come up as a discussion point. Politely, I listen to their bantering but quietly, I will wander off.

What is the point, eh?

Yes, I’m one of those that wouldn’t give two hoots to what happens at the zoo. I leave those to the monkeys in charge.


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