A new Addiction

When do I know that it’s time for yet another appointment with my hairstylist?

  • When I can actually tie up my hair with a rubber band
  • When my arms start to ache from blowing my hair dry
  • When I am bugged by the wet hair streaks by track # 3 at Body Combat
  • When I can’t feel cool air at the nape of my neck without having to bunch it up

It’s true. It’s super duper addictive. Once the sweetness is tasted, we will keep going back for more. And more.

So over the long weekend, I did go back for more.
And got this.

Hot short

For some strange reasons, I am sooo madly in lurve with red for hair color. LOL. Don’t ask me why. I just do. At least for now.

I believe this is the shortest my hair has ever been in like…..ever.
(Or maybe I need to discount the one time when I was 7 and caught hair lice from an Indian playmate and my mom made me shave my head bald!)

So, off I went to paint the town red (pun intended) with my new red hairdo. And since it was opening night at the latest, hottest hotel on my Paradise island, we headed to the island’s beach strip and had ourselves a blasting Saturday night!

Lots of pix to share. Will upload them to FB as soon as I’m done editing ’em, k?

Hope you’re having as great a Sunday as I am.

P/S – It’s really not about where we go that matters but who we’re with, eh. Will now crawl back into bed for more snuggling time with me man.


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