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Holiday Wishes

Posted in Celebration with tags , on October 31, 2009 by eleenpor

Just a short note to wish ya’ll….

Happy Halloween! & Happy Octoberfest!

It’s definitely time to eat, drink & make merry.

Party hard & party responsibly, folks.



Opposites Attract

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She is an ESFJ
He is an ISTJ

They are as different as any 2 persons can ever be. Yet, there is this invisible string that pulls and keeps them together. A bond that meant nothing to others but everything to them.

Many folks are disbelievers of the bond. Yet, right from the very beginning and all through the years, this very bond kept them together. All the trials and tribulations, all the nasty comments and jokes – turned to nothingness when they are together. Such, is the beauty and strength of this wonder we call LOVE.

Words of Isabel Briggs Myers :

Whatever the circumstances of your life,
the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer,
your judgments sounder,
and your life closer to your heart’s desire.

That’s the person behind one of the most widely-used personality test available today.

If you have never taken the test before, go here for a real good self-discovery journey.

Make Time

Posted in Rant with tags on October 29, 2009 by eleenpor

Of late, time has become a luxury.
Impossible, even.
24 hrs a day for 7 days a week is never enough!

Then it hit me.
I can never, ever be free.
For a drink or a quick bite or just to say hi.

“Do you have time to hang with us?” – some friends asked.
“Are you free this weekend for Ah Kong’s prayers?” – mom enquired.
“When will we ever have time to catch up?” – an old buddy whined.

If I want all that, and more.
I need to do one thing.
And one thing only.
That is – to MAKE time.

So yeah, if you are worth it.
I will make time.

Penang Hokkien

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It is a known fact that one who spends enough time in Penang can easily  pick up the local dialect.

I grew up hanging out with non-Chinese friends who speak the dialect as fluently as the Chinese. And I dated a KL guy who is able to have a more engaging conversation with my grandma than I could.

Embarrassingly, a lot of non-locals speak the dialect better than many locals. Here’s proof.

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The Elusive Spot

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Over dinner last night with some gymmies, the topic of the big ‘O’ came up. Some guys insisted it’s a myth, which got me all riled up.

So a full-fledged conversation/debate ensued which resulted in the below FB update.


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More of October birthday celebrations.

This is the woman responsible for my love-hate relationship with Power Jump. Three celebrations over three consecutive nights (makes me wonder if that’s how the Brazilians celebrate birthdays). We didn’t think we’d survive but miraculously, we did. Love you, Fabi! *muax*

Fabulous Fabi

The other celebration was a milestone for the birthday boy who’s turning 21 this year. Of coz the celebration is incomplete without the cake-smearing experience.


He was so touched by the party we threw him that he wrote a long Thank-You note. Sweet, methinks. Here’s what he wrote for me.

Eleen: Thanks alot for teaching me alot of things in Life. You are indeed one of my mentors in Life.

Remember, we love you just the way you are. Keep on shakin’, dude! 😉

I lost my weekend!

Posted in Relaxation with tags on October 25, 2009 by eleenpor

Catching up with some much-needed  ZzzzZzzz…

Sleeping Eleen

Of coz this was after late Sunday brunch and while we lazed around recuperating from the crazy, crazy week.

Where did the weekend fly to?

I am so not done with it yet.