It was just another regular whirlwind Wednesday. Or so, I thought.

As usual, the hours zoomed by as I juggled my 2 phones and my laptop. Multi-tasking is a necessary skill for how I put bread on the table daily.


Sweetheart: Baby, are you ok over there?

Me: Huh? Wadyamean?

Sweetheart: You didn’t feel the tremors?

Me: What tremors? I’ve been working non-stop since you last saw me.

Sweetheart: Oh? Am at the gym now. The building was shaking for half a minute earlier! I think there was an earthquake.

Me: Wha..?! I didn’t feel anything here pun…wait…I think I see some updates in FB. Hmmm, it seems something’s going on in Klang Valley. Dunno if it hit Penang or not.

Sweetheart: It did. I thought my head was spinning when I came out of Body Pump earlier. Anyway, good to hear you’re OK. Turn on the TV or radio to see if there’s any news on it, k?

Me: Err…okay.


After some frantic twittering and FB-ing, the pull from my laptop and phone was getting too strong to be ignored. So, off I went again. Into the world that I get lost in for most of my awake hours.

Yupz, just another regular Wednesday.

Latest news in Star here.


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