Absolut Rock

As I walked towards the luggage carousel to pickup my checked-in bag, my eyes caught sight of this.

New skin

(Pardon the sub-standard picture quality. It was hastily snapped on my crappy camera phone)

A giant mock bottle was setup next to the counter. So, I quickly snapped another picture of it.

Refer below.

Giant Rock

Frankly, I wasn’t really impressed with it enough to wanna add it to my collection back home. Mainly cos it’s just another skin (like Masquerade & Disco) which I feel is kinda misleading since the bottle inside is just the regular blue.

So, they may well be just brave words/thoughts. I may be able to resist it this time round but there is no guarantee that I’d be able to fight the urge to add it to my Absolut collection the next time I find myself at Changi Airport again.

I’d have to fight off these thoughts:

  • it’s special edition, must get it even if i don’t really like it
    (kiasu thinking)
  • it’s not that expensive, less than SGD30 only mah…
  • it’ll look great next to my Disco skin

Oh well. I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it – again.
For now, I am proud to say that I’ve managed to firmly say No.

I came home with a twin pack of tequila & margarita mix instead.

Wanna take a wild guess on the theme for my next party?


6 Responses to “Absolut Rock”

  1. …the thing about me is that I cannot resist Limited/Special/(insert superlative) Editions. It makes me wanna buy it. Ad agencies must love me. 😦

  2. LOL. Me too. Am such a sucker for ‘Limited/Special Edition’ stuffs. May probably cave-in the next time I’m at Changi again… 😦

  3. If anyone wants a bottle you can find it at http://www.vodkaemporium.com

  4. Hehe…. High possibility of you getting the Absolut limited edition..;)

  5. 😛 U know me best, girlie…. 😛

  6. […] my last ‘missed opportunity‘ a few weeks ago, a little voice had been nagging me to get this […]

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