Size matters

Saw this at Changi a couple of weeks ago.

hole in a bowl

Why can’t we have something like this here?
Then perhaps, there won’t be shoe prints on the seats of the bowl, heh.

I know some of you would say that the prints are usually not left by the kids but I’d like to believe that Malaysian female adults have more cow sense than that.

Too idealistic?


4 Responses to “Size matters”

  1. malaysia may have a lot of other things, a lot of other better things… but if the mentality of people doesnt change, all better things don’t matter. dont you think?

  2. So true, Zewt. So true. It’s all abt the mentality, eh? They can start with something as simple as no public littering. I find that so embarrassingly offensive.

  3. while we do not want to be as strict as singapore…. we certainly want some form of public order. the people have matured, but the country has not, unfortunately.

  4. Moderation is key, I guess. Too much of anything good may turn out to be a bad thing after all. But I hear ya….and couldn’t agree more, dude.

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