Make Time

Of late, time has become a luxury.
Impossible, even.
24 hrs a day for 7 days a week is never enough!

Then it hit me.
I can never, ever be free.
For a drink or a quick bite or just to say hi.

“Do you have time to hang with us?” – some friends asked.
“Are you free this weekend for Ah Kong’s prayers?” – mom enquired.
“When will we ever have time to catch up?” – an old buddy whined.

If I want all that, and more.
I need to do one thing.
And one thing only.
That is – to MAKE time.

So yeah, if you are worth it.
I will make time.


2 Responses to “Make Time”

  1. Not only to make time for friends and family but also for yourself. Do remember that no matter how busy in life, we will need to spend sometime to relax. Over work and over stress are bad. Our mind and body will need to relax once in a while to recover.

    Sooo, just relax once in a while and think of something beautiful that will bring a smile to your face….. 🙂

  2. Thx girl. I will remember to make time for myself too 🙂

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