Opposites Attract

She is an ESFJ
He is an ISTJ

They are as different as any 2 persons can ever be. Yet, there is this invisible string that pulls and keeps them together. A bond that meant nothing to others but everything to them.

Many folks are disbelievers of the bond. Yet, right from the very beginning and all through the years, this very bond kept them together. All the trials and tribulations, all the nasty comments and jokes – turned to nothingness when they are together. Such, is the beauty and strength of this wonder we call LOVE.

Words of Isabel Briggs Myers :

Whatever the circumstances of your life,
the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer,
your judgments sounder,
and your life closer to your heart’s desire.

That’s the person behind one of the most widely-used personality test available today.

If you have never taken the test before, go here for a real good self-discovery journey.


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