This is always a good reason/excuse to stuff our faces with good food in the company of good friends.

Cherry Love

Almost 3 decades ago while the world celebrates Halloween, a very special baby was welcomed into this world.

In her years of living and loving, she has touched the lives of many. And earned the love of many.

Here’s the gem of a gal.


And here’s one of the MANY bunches of folks who love her to bits.


“Aiyo, this is the FIFTH candle on a cake that I have to blow this year!” – she complained.

See what I mean about how much she is loved?

Happy birthday, Em!
May your life be filled with much, much love from family & friends.
Now & forever.




4 Responses to “EmEm”

  1. Thank you Eleen….Love you….**HUGZ**
    Glad to have you in my life….

  2. Some more can think that I forgot abt it…hmpf… 😛

  3. Happy Birthday to you Em !!!
    Looks like I missed out those fun and yummy food once again because of my theater rehearsal..:(

  4. No worries Girlie…there’s always NEXT makan session….hehehehe…

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