Holding on vs Letting go

“It’s easier said than done!” – the most common defensive line used by folks who are hurting and suffering.

Yeah, it’s really so much easier asking someone to let go, to forgive, to ignore … than the actual act itself.

At some point or other, most of us go through some crazy times. And with those crazy times come crazy experiences. Crazy emotions. By crazy, I mean over the top. Nothing mediocre, nothing so-so. It’s extreme happiness, extreme sorrow, extreme excitement. Just downrightly, cruelly – Extreme.

There’s a price to pay for all those extremes, though.

Sometimes, precious parts of us get snatched from us. Or even worse, they just die from within. Yet, a little voice in our hearts tells us that there is more to life. More to love. More to give and more to accept.

Most folks believe that moving on is the best way to get over the experience/trauma but, is it really?

  • Why do we need to let go of our most intense Life experiences?
    (so what if some of them hurt us to our very core? They helped strengthen us, didn’t they?)
  • Why must we erase precious parts of our lives?
    (they put us on Cloud 9 once upon a time ago, no?)
  • Why should we even try to deny the fact that we were being selfish?
    (we are humans, aren’t we?)

So, yeah.
We may have cried ourselves dry. We may have hurt a whole bunch. We may have died a million deaths.


We are who we are because of those tears and those deaths. 
We stand taller and stronger today, embracing our pasts, challenging the unknown. And most definitely welcoming the future.

So actually, we don’t have to let go to heal. We just have to realise the fact that we WANT to be happy. WANT to live. WANT to love. WANT to embrace Life. WANT to heal.

Start wanting.
Or happiness will just be a dream.


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