Crappy Goodness

A couple of years ago, someone I know used to give me shit all the friggin’ time about the puny size of the crabs on our paradise island.

“You folks call those crabs? They’re so small that by the time you get the shells off, there’s nothing left to put into your mouth!” – I resented that statement…but deep inside, I also knew that he hit too close to the truth for comfort.

Plus the fact that I’ve seen the size of crabs from his homeland and man, those North Californian claws are really HUGE! So, ok. I guess he has the right to poke fun at our crabs.

Yeah, I may be proud of the many great food from this island but crab (literally, not figuratively lah) definitely wasn’t in my brag-list.

However, last weekend changed all that.

We were introduced to this place.

Taitong Seafood

How do you get to it?
Quite easy, actually.

For trackers out there, it’s just a stone’s throw from the start of the Pantai Kerachut hiking trail.
For fellow tham-ciaks out there, head 12 o’clock after the last roundabout at Batu Feringghi.

I promise I’d do a proper flog (food blog) of it next time. This time was bad coz we were rushing there, then rushing off. With lotsa other weekend plans thrown all around.

First dish for the night – yummilicious spicy fried rice.

Fried Rice

Between the 11 of us, 8 dishes were ordered. No other food pix was taken. Again, next round, k? There will be a next round. In fact, there will be a couple of next rounds for sure. Damage was RM35 per head. Dirt cheap.

The only other food picture taken was the main player – this.

Deep Sea Gem

A close-up.

Gem Close-up

And the birthday gal enjoying the succulent claw.

Birthday Belle

Never in our wildest dreams would we think that crabmeat can be soooooo sweet! Not from any sauce (cos we had them baked and served totally dry) but from the actual meat itself.

Definitely to-die-for.
Definitely my-crap’s-better-than-your-crab.

No shit (pun intended).


2 Responses to “Crappy Goodness”

  1. Are they Penang crab then? How come they are so big?

  2. Yealoh. We were just as blown away by the size of those crabs, although the thing that gave us ‘O’s was the super sweet meat. When u come back next, remind me to take u there, k?

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