Walk with me

I don’t mind inexperience.
I don’t mind ignorance.
And I most definitely don’t mind mistakes
(but not repeated ones though).  

What I DO mind –

… is stubborness
… is inflexibility
… is lack of initiation
And most of all, I do mind negativity.

So, please.
If you think that the whole world owes you a big one and everything good should fall straight into your lap, it’s high time you wake up to face the real world.

Yes, reality sucks that way but guess what?
All the imperfections give us the opportunity to fill in the gaps and make it right again.

If we are calibrated, let’s walk this path together. I promise to hold your hand and guide you through it all. As long as you promise to hold mine and walk with me with our heads held high.

To quote John F. Kennedy :
“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”

Same concept, ya?


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