Poorer but happier

3 weeks ago, I relocated my battlefield to a new space. However, it lacked a proper support mechanism.

I didn’t like what I’ve seen so far and I know for sure there’ll be no compromise when it comes to proper support (the pain from years ago still haunts me today!).

So, when I was told that some really good stuff will be available a few weeks down the road, I was willing to wait. Oh yes,  I sure was willing to wait.

So, I waited. And waited. And waited.
Today, the wait finally came to an end.

This was delivered to my doorstep shortly after lunch today.

Don’t let the hard look fool ya. It’s actually mighty comfy – for the butt & most importantly, for the lower back. The ergonomically-shaped back definitely provides the support my once-injured back badly needs.

Am sure you’re wondering why I didn’t get the leathery or cushiony type. Well…

Simple reasons:

  • I don’t fancy leather
    (they get either too hot or too cold. Never just right)
  • Cushions are hard to clean over time
    (yes, I am practical that way)

So, I decided to look for mesh types that’ll be easy to clean and yet, provides the right comfort and support.

See the mesh?

Nice, eh?

“So, longer working hours now from home?”  some buddies asked.

All I can say is :

“Work’s work. If I gotta do it, I’d rather do it comfortably and not have to pay the steep price of permanent back injury that most desk-bound workers suffer from.”

RM650 well-spent?
Ya betcha!


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