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2009 – A Reflection

Posted in Celebration with tags on December 31, 2009 by eleenpor

Looking back, 2009 has been an amazing year indeed!

As shown in below snapshot my rather active FB status updates
(to think this is just the tip of the iceberg…)

And here’s a sneak peak of how much LOVE & LIFE we’ve had in the past year.
(for a full review, check out my FB photo albums)

Crazy, innit?

Hope your year has been a wonderful journey as it has been for me.



Grappa : The ‘Firewater’

Posted in Recollection with tags , on December 30, 2009 by eleenpor

Over the holiday celebrations, a galfriend discovered this Italian spirit and asked me if I’ve had it or heard of it before.

My mind flashed back to a few lifetimes ago and I was reminded of you.

Of us sitting in that little cosy Italian restaurant,
Of us getting lost in each other’s company,
Of you insisting that I had to try their bottle of Grappa,
Of me not liking the taste but still kept sweet memories of it,
Because you – were part of my Grappa memory.

You’d think that over the years,
I would’ve forgotten about you.
You see …
I will never, ever forget you.
Right down to the adorable way you shrug your shoulders
I will never forget you.

Nor will I ever stop loving you.

Gems in Life

Posted in Celebration with tags , on December 29, 2009 by eleenpor

The X’mas & New Year messages came in by¬†the truckloads.

Some made me stop in my tracks and smile.
Some made me shed happy tears.
Some touched my heart and core.
Some just plain reminded me of how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Here’s my top 3 favourites :

“Words cannot describe how we feel about you but let us try – A big thank you for being there for us and being the voice of wisdom. You have been a great friend to us. We value this friendship and we love you very much. This little gift is specially handmade for you as a token of our appreciation.”

“With you around, makes Life more beautiful. Thanks for everything!”

“In Life, you will realise that there’s a purpose for every person you meet.
Some will care for you,
Some will test you,
Some will use you,
Some will teach you,
Some will bring out the best in you,
Some will hurt you – but you will learn to move on.
So forgive of¬†those who can’t treat you¬†right and hold on to those who will treat¬†you right.
Thank you for being the¬†light in my sky!”

I realise how much effort and love you have put into the handmade pressies (some of the materials had to be specially ordered and flown in!) and I truly appreciate it all.

Even the store-purchased ones were obviously well-thought. ALL of the pressies were things I hold dear to my heart and things that will definitely have its place in my daily/weekly schedule.

Thank you all from all corners of my heart (and Sweetheart’s too) and we love ya’ll heaps!


Magical Nite

Posted in Celebration, Dedication, Fun, Holiday with tags , , , on December 28, 2009 by eleenpor

From the food,
To the booze,
To the company,
To the gifts,
To the music,
To the games,
To the fun,
To the swearing,
Oh, What a night!

It was a blast because of you.
Yes, YOU!

*Click on picture to enlarge*

Go here to view the entire album.

Thanks for the Magic, folks!



Merry X’mas!

Posted in Celebration, Entertainment, Fun with tags , on December 25, 2009 by eleenpor

A hip-hoppy wish from us to you.

The entire year’s¬†roller-coaster rides take us to this point, folks.¬†

We kick back,
We let loose,
And we celebrate dreams come true.

Yet another great year of Love & Life fulfilled.

The Eve

Posted in Celebration, Fun, Holiday with tags , on December 24, 2009 by eleenpor

Here’s the boys getting the tree ready for the big party.
Still bare at this point.

And here’s the mini tree that’s basically an advertising tool.
Cute, nevertheless.

As we get ready for the non-stop partying from X’mas right into 2010, remember to party hard & party responsibly, ya.

Lots & lots of Love & Life!


“Sorrie, u’r not in the list”

Posted in Rant with tags on December 23, 2009 by eleenpor

Seriously, how does one convey this without sounding impolite? Or offensive?

I¬†constantly find¬†myself in this predicament when folks dish out self-invitations to¬†my parties. Most of the time,¬†I believe they don’t even realise that they’re doing it.

“When’s your party again?”
“What time do I come over?”
“What shall I bring this year?”

Erm….answer to all of the above : “But you are not invited wor..”

Now don’t take this the wrong way.
It’s not because¬†I do not value your friendship, or that you are not good enough a friend.

It’s mainly for a very simple reason :
– I’d like to enjoy¬†my own parties without having to worry about¬†hosting too many friends and their friends.

I’ve been down that path and¬†I learnt enough to know that¬†I don’t ever wanna go down it again. Ever. It’s just too damn tiring and well, I throw parties for the¬†sole reason of getting to enjoy them. Not slave through them.

So I’ve¬†thought about it long and hard … and figured the best way is to be honest and direct. Because¬†it works best and because that’s how I am wired up inside (those who know me well will vouch for this).

If I go to you and tell you that you are not in the list, please do not take it personally, k?

I still love you.