Love thy body – In & Out

It just hit me that it’s been a year since I did my last spring cleaning.

1st cleaning – May’08
2nd cleaning – Nov’08

Decided that 3rd round is way overdue and so this week, I politely declined all offers for good food. Announced to all my tham-ciak buddies that I need a 7-day break.

For only RM125 from a local pharmacy, it was actually cheaper than the price I paid last year. I think Watson is retailing Juvanex at RM135, though. 

Funnily, my detox program sparked off much interest amongst my gym buddies and FB discussions were flying left, right and center. There were even some debates on weight loss and a veteran decided to burst all our bubbles by announcing to us that SFR (Spot Fat Removal) is a myth.

Meaning, one cannot work harder at a particular machine/workout plan in the hopes of losing fat from a particular part of the body.
Meaning our bodies have the final say on where it wants to cut off inches.
Meaning all we can do is to elevate our heartbeats through LOTS of cardio and hope that our bodies will eventually burn off the ugly love handles.

Read the facts here.
Yup, that explains why boobies are the first to go when women lose weight.

Somehow, our discussions moved on from detox to liver cleansing (no surprises there considering Dec partying is just around the corner). After some rather excited exchanges, we’ve decided to go shopping for green apples and Epsom salt – the 2 key ingredients for liver cleansing.

Go here to read about its importance and how it’s done.

According to the same article, our liver is the most overworked and misunderstood organ in our entire body. Scary, huh?

Suddenly, images of my ex-colleague crouching in the corner, face all wrinkled up in pain reminded me of the importance of liver cleansing.

Sure I don’t suffer from any liver problems now.
Sure I don’t have any gallstones problems now.
And sure I don’t have any cholesterol concerns now.
BUT it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of my liver now.

So, it was decided.

After all the year-end partying, we will all pick one Sunday. Then lock ourselves at home and book our own thrones for the day. Yup, with liver-cleansing, one will be spending ALOT of time with the throne. How else will the bad bits be removed from our bodies, eh?

We have decided to take charge of our bodies.

Have you?


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