Happy early birthday, Mom!

It has been 10 days.

For her – it’s been 10 days of adventure, of catching-up, of reminiscence, of filling up the treasure chest.
Fot him – it’s been 10 days of cooking, of cleaning, of laundrying, of – emptiness.

“Admit it lah! U miss her and can’t wait for her to get back, rite?”
“Cheh…no lah. I was a boy scout in my younger days, remember? If I can survive the wilderness, I can survive 10 days without your mom”
“Yeah yeah…”

As I walked away,  I could’ve sworn I saw a look of excited anticipation in his eyes. 

Too stubborn to admit that he’s counting the seconds till my mom steps off the plane from an all-sisters trip Down Under. Heh…

Welcome home, mom! 
Can’t wait to listen to your adventures with the koalas & kangaroos.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday present this year as much as I enjoyed planning it.

~lotsa love from your beloved daughter~


2 Responses to “Happy early birthday, Mom!”

  1. You look fab here….but I am guessing the long tresses do not belong to you!!!

  2. Actually, those tresses are real & 100% mine. This pic is kinda old – abt a year old. Back when I still had ’em long 🙂

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