…and the countdown begins!

By this time in the past years, most plans would’ve been in place and our X’mas party would be thrown at least a week or two before the 25th rolls around. 

‘Tis not the case for this year. Since the past 11 months had been maniacal for all of us, we only had the chance to sit down and start proper planning last night.

Party planning has never been this crazy. In a fun way, of coz.

  • Date: Boxing Day
  • Theme: Go Green
  • Tree deco: It’s a surprise (hint – think yummy)
  • Guest list: Keep it short & personal. Keep it under 50.
    (I know, I know. 50 ain’t exactly short but that’s the list of folks who mean alot to us at this point in our lives)
  • Food list: Turkey & ham are essentials. The rest are negotiable.
  • Drinks list: Hit Eleen’s bar!
  • Gift exchange T&C: No food items please. Be as creative as possible with RM30 and above.

By the end of the night, we amazingly managed to come up with not just the plan for X’mas party this year but also for 2010 too! Guess the ideas just kept flowing and wouldn’t stop even when we’ve filled up the spaces for 2009. LOL.

21 more days to go.
I think the bug has finally gotten to me.

Now, where’s my stash of X’mas CDs?


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