Congratulations, Mr & Mrs ALAT

It was a night that began when the sun was still high up in the sky.
It was a night of emotions running wild.
It was a night when many teams came together to realize the dream of 2 persons.

Amazingly, we pulled through it.
Folks came from all corners of the room asking us HOW we did it so beautifully.

Yes, we did it!

Congratulations for the most awesome night, A&N.

P/S – My feet didn’t feel like they belonged to me the next day but damn, the night was oh so good!

6 Responses to “Congratulations, Mr & Mrs ALAT”

  1. Adrian Lim Says:

    Thank you very much for the dedication post. Love your write-up! But most of all, thank you for being there for us every step of the way. You’re the reason the wedding turned out to be such a roaring success. Thanks so much again. Hey, we should go out for a good meal soon. How does sometime next week sound?

  2. Again, it was my pleasure to help you folks out.
    Yes, we should meet up. I can’t wait to listen to your Bali stories (both good AND bad)!

    Will let you know when there’s any free slots in my Dec schedule. Looks kinda packed at the moment – X’mas, NY, hols, etc…. Eek.

  3. aunthiam Says:

    Just read back your postings…. really miss those AWESOME moments! & u know what… even until today, some of Nickie’s relatives & my ex-college mate are still talking about it whenever they want to refer to something to reinforce their conversation topic. I will bring Brandon to meet up with you and introduce him to this AWESOME “cha bor” ! 🙂

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