“Sorrie, u’r not in the list”

Seriously, how does one convey this without sounding impolite? Or offensive?

I constantly find myself in this predicament when folks dish out self-invitations to my parties. Most of the time, I believe they don’t even realise that they’re doing it.

“When’s your party again?”
“What time do I come over?”
“What shall I bring this year?”

Erm….answer to all of the above : “But you are not invited wor..”

Now don’t take this the wrong way.
It’s not because I do not value your friendship, or that you are not good enough a friend.

It’s mainly for a very simple reason :
– I’d like to enjoy my own parties without having to worry about hosting too many friends and their friends.

I’ve been down that path and I learnt enough to know that I don’t ever wanna go down it again. Ever. It’s just too damn tiring and well, I throw parties for the sole reason of getting to enjoy them. Not slave through them.

So I’ve thought about it long and hard … and figured the best way is to be honest and direct. Because it works best and because that’s how I am wired up inside (those who know me well will vouch for this).

If I go to you and tell you that you are not in the list, please do not take it personally, k?

I still love you.


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