Redecorating – A Prelim

Since I moved into my pad in end-2006, I’ve gone through several phases of thrills.

From picking and mix-matching the colors for the walls to picking the furniture for each room, it has been quite a ride. One that even the word “exciting” fails to capture. It’s just – beyond exciting. It gave me a high that nothing else in life came close to. Maybe it was the sense of achivement. Or maybe it was just the satisfaction of realised dreams.

A couple of moons have passed since then (although it felt to me like a few lifetimes).

Just when 2010 rolled around, I got bitten by the decorator bug. Out of nowhere and without warning, it came and bit me in the *toot*.  So with the help of some amazing galfriends (I heart u gals!), I went a-surfing. And found a couple of gems. Narrowed them down to 2 for easier decision-making.

Inspire Home Deco & Wall Art Sticker 
– 2 local vendors based from our beloved island.

I soon learnt that one is totally spoilt for choice with what’s available out there.

How to pick? Which one for which room? Which color to suit which feature wall? How about the glass panels?
– All those questions swam round and round.

As I laid down all the options, I realised I was smiling and glowing from the inside. Undoubtedly, I had rediscovered the happiness and satisfaction of making dreams come true.

Oh yeah. I know in my bones that it’s gonna be a good, good year.


2 Responses to “Redecorating – A Prelim”

  1. There’s a shop in 1-Utama, KL selling all these stickers… too many choices to make in a small shop

  2. Are they expensive? I found some online suppliers with really good prices (most of them cost under RM50).

    Found a gem in Malacca. Check out their website.

    I just ordered one from them to check out their quality. If nice, I may order more.

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