Eleen’s review on the ‘coolest phone in the world’

Methink 3 weeks is sufficient to write an honest review on my new toy, hmmm?

First off, let me share the reasons on why I couldn’t be bothered to wait till the much-hyped-about iphone4 comes out.

  • Kiasu-ism ain’t exactly my forte.
  • I’ve never been a gadget fan and didn’t exactly go over the top when one of my friends went “OMG! U now own the coolest phone in the world!”
  • Being a guinea pig to test out the kinks of a new product does *not* rock my boat.
  • I live in a country where phone prices are ridiculously hiked up just so some politicians can maintain their posh lifestyles.
  • There are many ways I can think of to spend my hard-earned moolah and the latest-in-the-market gadget isn’t at the top of my list.
  • Again, I live in a country which is at the bottom of most chains. Meaning by the time it gets to our shores, I would’ve been at least a 1-year user and would’ve decided by then if I’m a fan or not.

So, that was why I went ahead to purchase the iphone 3GS. The past 3 weeks had been erm..let’s just say, interesting. My 2-cents:

  • I am definitely a button/key-fan. Touchscreens do nothing for me but build up frustrations. Some tell me it needs getting used to. I will be fair and give it a few more months before I decide that I *hate* touchscreens.
  • It is close to impossible for me to text-drive but it’s a bad habit I’ve been trying to kick. So, I guess that’s a good thing.
  • I’ve been an online addict for years. Now with help from my new phone, I am a bigger addict. A good or bad thing, you decide.
  • Being online most of the time also means that it drains the juice fast. It’s a hassle having to charge up the phone at every opportunity. I considered getting a car charger but every damn product in the store is frigging expensive!
  • I’m not a gamer. So the games application does nothing for me.
  • I get to practice my written Chinese with the alternate keyboard option. That, I dig.

There you have it. My verdict so far.

I may change my mind in the coming weeks or months. Who knows. Or I may just throw it out the window and get myself a Blackberry.

May write another review again. Stay tuned.


7 Responses to “Eleen’s review on the ‘coolest phone in the world’”

  1. I think it’s gonna take some time before iPhone4 gets to our shores because we wouldn’t be able to use our SIM cards with it. The guy I asked said it uses the micro SIM cards, which means, our service providers have to get the technology in first before we can use the phones. Could be some time…

  2. Precisely my point, as captured in the last bullet of my reasons list above.

    Also, even if the product is brought into M’sia, it will take awhile before our service providers come up with reasonably-priced plans to go with it. One thing’s for sure, I ain’t gonna be paying a few grand just for a latest-in-the-market phone. Call me cheapskate

    I’d rather be spending my money on holidays and food.

  3. Agreeable. That is one of the reason why I’m still stuck with my old phone. Cause I much prefer to spend my money more on good and yummy food. Give me food anytime and I’ll say lets go..;)

  4. Haha…Girlie, u definitely win the award for the most loyal phone user. I tot I was loyal enuf, but u lagi ‘keng’ than me! 😀

  5. switch of 3G to save battery juice.
    can still go online, just slower bit.
    i only need to charge my iphone once a day now. 🙂

  6. Yea, I read abt that. S’kay la, I will keep the 3G coz me no patience to wait long-long when surfing. For now, I charge my fone once a day as well. Guess I was unfairly comparing to my old SE which only requires me to charge every 3-4 days. Then again, I did not surf so much on my SE.

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