Strongest of the Strong

Every time you feel your defenses crumbling,
Every time you feel the pain tear at you from within,
Every time you wonder when the hurt will cease,
Every time you wonder if you’ll find love again,

Remember how far you’ve come.
Remember how strong you are.
Remember how much Life has to offer you.
And most importantly, remember how much I love you.

4 Responses to “Strongest of the Strong”

  1. Thanks a lot… I Love You Too

  2. {{{{{{{{{HUGZ}}}}}}}}}}

    We deserve nothing but the BEST! Remember that always 🙂

  3. You have been a very good friend and I have no words to describe how to thank you… I will never forget it.

  4. Friends are supposed to be there for each other – in good & bad times. I am sure you’d do the same for me too. 🙂

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