An interview with Ah Bin

The Super kin-cheo Woman’s interview with Michael who was in Penang to get his 2nd Hokkien experience.

Mostly of food, though. But then again, Penang is all about food.

6 Responses to “An interview with Ah Bin”

  1. Hahahahaha!!!!! Is that ML in that pumpkin outfit?

  2. Is not pumpkin….it’s kin-cheo!

  3. Haha ok I see it now. Satu sikat pisang – I learned that while watching Ethan doing his homework 😀

  4. You can edit audio files with audacity.

  5. Hehe…sure I’ll approve your comment to advertise on my blog

  6. Ah… tired when the interview was done, there was much more to talk about, including Super Keng-chio Woman talking me along to see the Hoa-chhia (decoreted vehicles) on the last night of Kiu-Ong-Ia! Thanks for having me again!!

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