He worries if she’ll understand.
He worries if she’ll accept him for who he truly is.
He worries if she’ll turn the other way.
He worries if she’ll stop believing.

Turns out …

She not only understands, she appreciates.
She not only accepts, she embraces.
She not only stays, she fosters.
She not only believes, she advocates.

He smiles.
Realising that he worried for nothing, gaining everything.

4 Responses to “Alliance”

  1. This is what love is. So happy for both of you and I will miss you both treamendously.

  2. Hehe….this is not about my man, babe. There are many other guys in my life, y’know…..and we all complete each other in many different ways.

    Just that the way my man & I complete each other is the most special way.

  3. 😀 Lu ho liao lah!

  4. It takes one to know one! 😉

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