Passing the baton

For years, I’ve been struggling with something.

Something that I cannot seem to grasp, no matter which way I look at it. No matter how many times I’ve dissected it. No matter how hard I’ve thought about it.

When it comes to planning and/or organising a social event, be it a birthday party or a X’mas party or some kind of get-together, I am usually the one taking up the baton and running with it. From sending out the invitations to block our calendars to picking out the venue to making reservations to appointing an official photographer to buying the pressies, yours truly will be juggling them all.

Other than one or two girlfriends (you know who you are *hugs*), no one else actually puts up their hands to ask for the baton.


Is it because :

  1. I am hogging it so preciously that no one else dares to ask for it?
  2. It’s such a dreadful task that no one else wants to do ‘the dirty work’?
  3. It’s easier sitting back and enjoying the event rather than slogging through the planning?
  4. Making decisions for a group is akin to skinning oneself alive?
  5. Managing conflicts (which is inevitable in group events) is way over their heads?
  6. Of other reasons I don’t understand/see?

My 2-cents worth :

  1. If this is the case, please tell me directly. I promise that I will be more than happy to correct that misconception.
  2. How ‘dirty’ or ‘un-fun’ the task is really depends on how you make the process to be, no?
  3. It’s perfectly OK to put your legs up once in awhile but it’s only fair to pass the baton around, eh?
  4. Trust me, it’s not that hard. All you need to do is line up the reasons to backup your decisions and you’ll do fine.
  5. It’s part of Life, ain’t it? Besides, it’s good practice for times when you cannot weasel your way out of doing it.
  6. Enlighten me?

So, folks.

We should all share the experience and it can really be a fun experience if we make it to be. And it is really good training for our daytime jobs – multitasking and managing conflicts.

Lastly, it’s just weird for me to organize my own farewell do. So please don’t ask me when I am throwing my farewell party so that you can join in.

Here’s an idea : Plan one and invite the rest!


3 Responses to “Passing the baton”

  1. Darling….I’ll be happy to help anytime. The preparation is part can be fun too! Just holla moi!

  2. Hehe…sure babe. Will rope you in for the X’mas party prep. Mark your calendar, ya!

  3. Sure hun. No problem. Don’t be paisay ok?

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