Voyage de la Vie – East meets West

If you are in Lion City and thinking of doing something different (other than shopping at Orchard Road or trying your luck at their new casino), head over to Sentosa’s Resort World to check this out.

I was there last month and was totally blown away. Seriously awesome!

It’s about a boy’s metaphoric journey to seek out his destiny as a man. His very strong imagination takes him down a path filled with many eccentric characters played by very superb gymnastic talents from all around the world.

It reminded me greatly of the performances I saw in San Francisco’s Cirque du Soleil and Phuket’s Fantasea. Although similar, I still had goosebumps when the singing started and when the grand finale exploded onstage. One word : Spellbinding.

Read about its key cast here. My favourite? The hot and sexy Aurelia Cats from France. *drool*

Go here for more information on their showtimes, ticket availability & pricing, etc.

For very interesting BTS information, go here. And for a very detailed and worthy write-up on it, go here.

Quick! Get mesmerized before it disappears in end-Dec 2010.

One Response to “Voyage de la Vie – East meets West”

  1. And oh, I think Jonathan Leong’s voice is some kind of amazing. Makes me so darn proud to be Asian 🙂

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