LesMills Quarterly Super Workshop

An impromptu decision that led to a most amazing weekend.


8am – Body Balance
9.30am – Body Vive
11am – Body Attack
12.30am – Sh’Bam
1pm – Body Jam
2pm – Body Step
3.30pm – Body Pump
5pm – Body Combat

(They obviously saved the best for last)

An experience that’s priceless and definitely worth the chaos it wrecked to my original weekend plan.

View super amazing pictures of the BC session here, thanks to a fellow BC enthusiast.

2 Responses to “LesMills Quarterly Super Workshop”

  1. Gosh…you siao liao. You are certified workout addict!

  2. I didn’t go for ALL of them lah. Haha….no human being (or super being for that matter) would’ve survived!

    I only went for BA in the morning and BC in the afternoon.

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