Powderful England

A weird exchange at the Burger King outlet in KLCC over the weekend.

Me : May I know what’s the difference between the Chicken Royale and the French Chicken?
BK Gal : No difference.
Me : Huh?
BK Gal : Ok, no difference except for one thing.
Me : Ah…so got difference then. What izzit?
BK Gal : French Chicken got no leg-too
Me : Eh? Leg-too?
BK Gal : Yeah, no leg-too. Y’know….the vegetable.
Me : Leg-too the vegetable?!??!?!
(finally getting it and was too shocked to react)
Me : Just….just gimme the Chicken Royale.


If this country is going to be governed by future generation like this young BK gal, we are screwed. So screwed.


4 Responses to “Powderful England”

  1. Lols… unbelievable.. Wonder where she learn those ‘no-leg-too’ from.

  2. Sorry but what is no-leg-too? I still don’t get it 😦

  3. Haha…it’s “lettuce”, babe. Not sure where and how she came up with “leg-too”. Maybe she thinks the ‘ce’ is silent.

  4. lmao@legtoo … i was wondering wth that was.

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