Neverending Cycle

For 3 years, I lived some 380+km from my hometown. I looked towards holidays with mixed emotions. Happy to get a break and to spend some quality time back home, not-so-happy to go through the mad rush trying to push my way through the thousands of folks traveling home for the holidays too.

I happily put all that behind when I came home upon graduation.

Against many odds, I stayed put on my beloved Paradise Island for more than a decade. People came and people went, I stayed on. Yes, on that tiny island folks thought would never hold me down.

Then one day, an Opportunity came knocking on my door. I thought it was like all the other opportunities that I’ve managed to flick off through the years but this one seemed different. Unlike the others, it stubbornly kept knocking. And wouldn’t stop no matter how hard I was ignoring it.

I thought long and hard about it. Weighed all the pros and cons. And decided that for this one, I’d open the door.

With the opening of the door comes a lot of changes. And a lot of sacrifices. I knew that once I open it, there is no turning back. Yeah, so I felt a little twinge of fear but the excitement of what’s ahead quickly overshadowed the fear.

As I exit this year and move on to the next phase of my Life, I walk ahead with my head held high. Knowing that what’s in store for me will enrich me in many, many ways.

So here I am. Returning to the headaches and heartaches of traveling home for holidays. But it’s ok. It’s just a cycle of Life. And I will embrace it with all that I’ve got.


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