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Twenty Ten

Posted in Dedication with tags , , on December 31, 2010 by eleenpor

Things and peeps that mattered & lingered :

  • Found a long, lost friend after half a lifetime
  • Got to know an awesome dude, but also learnt to stop breaking the rules for him
  • Discovered Double Black
  • Fostered some beautiful friendships at the gym
  • Pushed own limit and surprised self with own capabilities
  • Lost a dear friend to a MCP
  • Realised that blood can be washed off, especially bad blood
  • Broke my heart when the dirty C took away my fav aunt
  • Tried and decided that 長生學 isn’t my cuppa
  • Got addicted to having it short
  • Jumped on the iPhone bandwagon
  • Camwhored with Jimmy Choo!
  • Took the Lasik plunge
  • Came to a very tough crossroad and picked the road less traveled
  • Encouraged more friends to come out of the closet
  • Happy that some hearts opened up but sad that others remained tightly shut
  • Is reminded that bitterness kills from within
  • Begrudgingly accepted that some friendships are not meant for this lifetime
  • Moved on to the next exciting chapter in Life

This post is dedicated to you.

2010 would not be 2010 without you. So, thank you for the most awesome year!


Cycle of Life

Posted in Rant with tags on December 30, 2010 by eleenpor

Everything I do for the next 96 hours, I grasp hard at the moment. At the memory of doing it. Savoring some, ignoring some.

Suddenly, I am battling with emotions I’ve been ignoring for the past 2 months. Once in awhile, a tear or two will escape. Some caught the attention of certain folks who were very generous with their hugs and kisses. Some just flitted by so quickly that one wonders if they were imagined.

We live. We cry. We laugh. We move on.

That’s the cycle of Life.

Making Margaritas

Posted in Dedication with tags on December 29, 2010 by eleenpor

Sometimes, Life throws us curve-balls.
Sometimes, we have to attempt the seemingly impossible.
And yes, most times…Life is unfair.

But as my favourite saying goes,
“When Life throws us lemons, we make margaritas!”

*above picture taken from here*

So why so sad?
Why be bitter?
Why be unhappy?
Why indeed?

Let the memories serve as reminder for lessons learnt.
Let the bitterness go because it kills us from within.
Let the unhappiness be replaced with the joy of today and tomorrow.

Rafa’s Reminder

Posted in Dedication with tags on December 27, 2010 by eleenpor

Tonight started out ordinary, and ended awesomely.

A special message from someone dear :

“The most important thing we must always remember is that we have to be happy. If something makes you unhappy, stop doing it. If you really have to do it, do it today. Then stop it tomorrow. Coz tomorrow, you want to wake up happy.”

My heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest as we shared that final hour of Passion. In that 80 minutes, we gave it our all. We pushed each other to the limit and beyond. We shared and felt each other’s pain. Each other’s joy. It was absolutely mind-blowing!

Tonight reminded me again of what I hold dear to my heart. So thank you. I will remember to only do things that make me happy.

I always do and I always will. 🙂

Merry Yummy X’mas 2010!

Posted in Celebration, Holiday with tags on December 25, 2010 by eleenpor

“Christmas is a necessity.
There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves”

So, here’s me sharing these yummy X’mas treats with you.

Sweets, anyone?

This is one time I don’t mind breaking my no-fast-food rule.

For the chocolate lovers out there.

If you’re not into chocs, maybe some exotic Asian?

I’ve never been into coffee but for this, I’d make an exception!

This is my favourite.
He works hard for X’mas – preparing the cookies for Santa.

Hope your X’mas this year is filled with many dreams coming true and hearts that are free to soar into the highest skies!

Lots of love,

Never give up

Posted in Dedication with tags on December 24, 2010 by eleenpor

Every single day I am awake.
Every single hour I am active.
Every single minute I am battling.
Every single second I am breathing.

Giving up is never an option. Ever.

With grim determination, I soldiered towards the finish line.
With mixed emotions, I ticked off my check list – one by one.
With high expectations, I demand for the best because I give my best.

Life and Love : The Yin & Yang of what makes it all worthwhile.

The Best Gift

Posted in Holiday with tags , , on December 22, 2010 by eleenpor

Is not the expensive branded handbag from overseas.
Is not the sweet-smelling perfume in the pretty bottle.
Is not the red or blue or purple notes that enslave many folks daily.
Is not the bling bling that dazzles and blinds.

Is nothing but the sincere smile from the hearts of those who open up our carefully-selected gifts.

Yup, it sure is. Totally priceless.