Life OD

Many people came and went.
Many hearts broken.
Many adventures began.
Many ended too.

As the days & weeks zoom by,
I try to capture the precious moments.
Like this one…

And this one…

And this…

Not forgetting our super shy but super funny dude…

For lonely days when my heart aches for their smiles and their hugs.


3 Responses to “Life OD”

  1. Wow! I’m in your blog! WOW WOW WOW…HEART X 100!
    In spite of the short period we spent and getting to know each other recently, I reallly learnt a lot from you. I admire how you embrace life, love, your passion, fierce independence and strength. You might not know it but you inspired me to live my life again.
    Thanks for reminding me. Love x 1000!

  2. 🙂
    U made me smile & shed tiny tears of happiness, Els. I am sure gonna miss u! Make sure u allocate some time for my visits back, ok?
    It’s funny how we knew each other years ago during our rock-climbing days but never really got to know each other better till recently, eh?

    I like to believe that it’s our thirst for Life that brought us back together again. Make sure u keep up that enthusiasm and open-heartedness, k!

  3. Darling…I believe it’s fate and fate works in ironic ways. Just when I get to know, you are going away. 😦 But then hey! it’s really ain’t that far! We’ll be good!

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