Rat Race

After more than a decade of being spoilt by Paradise Island, I find myself thrown back into the battlefield. With mixed emotions, I look ahead and soldiered forward. Never looking back.

Hand-in-hand with the bestest friends, we combed the major places on Paradise Island. With a common goal to pool together as much battle-gear as we could find. To prepare me for what’s ahead. Oh, what a sight we were. And what fun we had! I heart you gals so very much … remember that always, k?

I’ve been told to expect the worst, yet anticipating the most exciting times ahead. But of course. Nothing less than that as inspiration to soar in the skies.

As for you, strangely I am on good terms with where we’re at. Not worried, not anxious. Just … at peace. Knowing that what is meant to be, will be.

Come what may, I am ready. So bring it on!


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