Life Lessons

Some messages for some folks who’d touched my life in one way or another.

  • I miss you but I don’t know how to tell you, coz I am also still disappointed in you.
  • I placed the bulk order because I love you and you are definitely worth it. Always remember that.
  • I got you something for X’mas but dunno if you’d misunderstand my intentions if I gave it to you.
  • I pray that my new Life next year will be more balanced than it is today. Can you please leave me alone?
  • I think you are turning into the very person you hate. Can you please wake up?
  • You deserve more than a few phone calls and text messages. Move on to greater things.
  • I wish Time will speed up and slow down at the same time.
  • You may pop out a few babies but you seriously don’t have to pop out of Life. Oh yes, you have a choice.
  • Cancer is not the only silent killer in this world today. Stress is too.

Life sure is a demanding teacher.

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