Cuts like a knife

For those of you who knew of my Op a few weeks ago, the results are out.

This is what the doc had to say :
“It is benign and completely excised”


Thanks for all your well wishes and concern. Love y’all loads. Remember, remember that.

P/S – The title of this post is inspired of a certain berry. Thx sweets!


4 Responses to “Cuts like a knife”

  1. GREAT GREAT! This is great news gorgeous. I’m having goosebumps from the feeling of relief and happiness. Love ya!

  2. Has anyone ever told you that your bubbly character is such a delight? And how you seem to bring out the sun from the grey skies when you appear? Love ya too, babe *muax*

  3. Thank God! That’s good news indeed πŸ™‚

    And I agree with you. Said berry is a sweetheart. I can understand why a certain someone adores her so πŸ˜‰

  4. Eh eh, you ladies are too kind. Thank you thank you. I just saw your comments. =) Am literally grinning from ear to ear now!

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