Teachings of Buddha

It’s funny, really.

How I used to scorn and huff at them while I flitted from one adventure to another. As Time passes, I realized (unwillingly, most times) how apt and how real those teachings are.

Take today for instance.

Amidst all the chaos and anxiety, I am suddenly reminded of one of the early lessons I picked up during my early Sunday schooldays.

The Four Noble Truths :

  1. There is Suffering
    – it is common to all
  2. Cause of Suffering
    – we are the cause of it all
  3. End of suffering
    – stop doing what causes it all
  4. Path to end Suffering
    – everyone can be enlightened

It really makes us think, doesn’t it? After all, the teachings also state that we are all put in this world to suffer as human beings. Its a vicious cycle that only ends in Nirvana.

We can only hope and aim to do our best as we move with the cycle. Good luck to us!

2 Responses to “Teachings of Buddha”

  1. Buddhism teaches a lot as a way of life. 🙂 it’s very relevant to everything we do as it’s not just a religion. hope you’ll keep discovering more towards becoming awake and enlightened!

  2. Right back atcha, girl 🙂

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