I found U!

I’ve finally found you!

After more than a week of explorations, experiments and disappointments, I was getting rather agitated and downright frustrated. No, I wasn’t going to give up but it was slicing my patience mighty thin.

I mean, it’s seriously cruel having all the excitement and anticipation building up to a crest, only to have the peak cut off prematurely. I may not be a dude but I think I now know how frustrating and painful being blue-balled is!

Anyway, back to you.

You made me smile again. You made me glow from within again. And you most definitely made me feel alive again. Now despite all the strange faces I see everyday here in this foreign land, yours will be one that I will be seeing most regularly (and excitedly, too!).

I learnt very soon that you have lots to offer. And that gets me mighty excited! *gleeful grin*

In the coming weeks and months, I am so gonna explore every inch of you before settling down to a few favourite spots. Yes, I admit that I am greedy but hey, can you blame me???

As I embark on this exciting journey with you, I expect to be brought to different heights of Passion,  ya? I am sure I will not be disappointed. Admittedly I was abit unsure but after last night’s performance, you’ve convinced me.

Folks, you can get on this passionate ride too. Just go here and pick one that hits your spot.

I’ve most definitely found mine.

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