Lion City : An Observation

Things I dig about this country:

  • The super reliable public transportation.
  • The *huge* variety of cuisine from all over the world.
  • The many pubs and clubs spread all over the island. 
  • The higher standard of professionalism amongst gym instructors (they have to be, they are constantly in the limelight due to this country being the regional hub for all things profitable).
  • The government’s support of the senior population by ensuring certain job sectors are allocated just for them. Definitely beats the rot-around-till-time-to-kick-the-bucket mentality.
  • The speed of service from goverment offices. I personally experienced it at MoM when I visited them for my EP application (will write a separate post on that another day).
  • The higher buying power.
  • The strong currency (many dreams are more within reach now).

Things I’m not too excited about:

  • Having to wake up at frigging 6am daily to join the morning rat race.
  • The insane peak-hour traffic. It definitely makes more sense to take the train than drive.
  • The very rude folks who elbow their ways into and out of trains and buses.
  • The fact that Sentosa is not really an island anymore. It’s more like a drive-thru. A gigantic drive-thru. To me, it lost its magic as an unassuming, relaxing island. Its commercialism is beyond your wildest imagination!
  • The ugly sight of huge container ships from the shoreline of all the beaches. No open sea view at all. Sad.
  • The crowd. OMG, the crowd. It’s definitely alot crowded than how I remembered this country to be. Someone told me it’s cos of the influx of foreign workforce. I don’t know if I should be offended by that statement or not. LOL.

There you have it. My 2-cents worth from my 2-weeks on this land.

I am sure I will discover more likes and dislikes as Time goes by but I am definitely going to work hard at reaping as much Life experiences as I can from this place and its people.

For now, I’d say I am still hungry. For more.

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