Passport to Success

Had the most amazing weekend.

Spent it with folks who live, breathe and exude Passion from their very pore. I end the weekend feeling completely energised in spirit although I was physically exhausted due to my 7-day workweek.

I am presented with this which I will carry with me, collecting stamps, as I travel along this exciting journey with the team.

Words cannot capture the excitement I feel inside, ready to explode and shout to the world that I am Passion! That I get to breathe Passion each day as I march forth, hand-in-hand, towards one common goal.

It’s what I’ve always believed in and fought for. It’s what I used to have and somehow over the years, lost. It’s what I have been searching for to rediscover the purpose of doing what I do everyday.

Now that I’ve found it back, I ain’t letting go!

It feels so great. So real. So right. So me.

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