My BP Love

There was a time in my life when I was super obssessed with you. I’d ignore all the others and focused all my time and energy on you. I just couldn’t get enough of you!

Then I injured myself. Doc advised me to stay away from you till my wrist recovers.

That took all of 6 months.

By then, I have almost forgotten how to be excited about you again. Over the period when I was to stay away from you, I got bitten by the BC bug – hard. As it always is, I was soon caught up in yet another wave of obssession. I was breathing, sleeping, eating and doing nothing but BC. In fact, I still am. Heh.

Then she came into my life.

She is beautiful.
She is passionate.
She is caring.
She is filled with so much Life.
She reminded me again of how much I used to love you. How much I still love you.

So here I am again. Rediscovering my love for you. Falling in love with you all over again. And boy, does it feel great!

Thanks for reawakening the love, Maria.

P/S – Last night was so awesome that I woke up this morning still smiling.

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