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6 years on

Posted in Celebration, Dedication with tags on February 28, 2011 by eleenpor

Who’d think that we’d come this far?
Who’d think that we’d grow so strong?
Who’d think that we’d survive all those insane roller coaster rides?
Who’d think indeed.

I think the most (pleasantly) surprised people by the way things turn out would be none other than the 2 of us.

We walked into this with our eyes wide open. Expecting nothing and giving everything. With one ultimate goal in mind : Happiness.

Thinking back, I believe that was the key ingredient to the success of it all. We don’t expect anything from each other. Yet, we love. And live. Taking everyday like it will be our last. Making sure we do things that make us happy. Only that and nothing else.

Some folks tsk-ed at us and condescendingly tell us that we are wasting our time and our lives away. Others give us the green-eyed glare. Amusingly, some folks just plain refused to accept that I (we) am (are) just well, different.

Hey, I never claim to be ordinary. Neither did he. And that’s why we work so well together.

After 6 years, alot of my ‘ordinary’ friends complained about how ancient they feel. How boring their love-lives are. How predictable their patterns have become. How the partner takes a backseat and the kid is put on the pedestal. How the excitement died. How it all dried up.

Well … we may be wasting our lives away. We may be doing things ‘wrong’ by societal standards. We may be weird in the eyes of many. We may just be the oddballs.

One teeny (but important) fact, though.

We are happy.
And that should be all that matters.

Happy 6th Anniversary to us.


Never alone

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Just when I thought I had a good grip on the bar, my fingers slipped and the firm bar I was holding on didn’t seem so firm after all.

“They are just testing you”, he said to me. I nodded solemnly but deep inside my heart, I know it’s not a test. Well, not to me anyway. I take it as a challenge and I’d throw it back to their faces if it’s the last thing I do alive!

So there I was, giving it my all. To some, it may seem like I’m thrashing in the dark but those who know me well nodded and sent me their silent support. They know. It’s sheer determination. I smiled back at them. Reassured that I am not alone in this.

From the other corner, he sent his love – silently but surely.

I know then.

I am definitely not alone.

The fighter in me

Posted in Rant on February 21, 2011 by eleenpor

Today, it all started before the sun rose & ended long after it set.

As I made my way to the train that is to take me home, a bright light caught my eye.

A quiet smile from this friendly froggie wrenches at my tired being, squeezing out a few frustrated tears.

Suddenly, I realized.

I have almost forgotten – I am a fighter. I will fight till the end.

Hear me ROAR!

The CSI Experience

Posted in Entertainment, Fun with tags , on February 17, 2011 by eleenpor

This weekend, I will be meeting these folks.

It’s an interactive exhibition where one gets to put on the CSI cap and crack some staged cases. Basically, playing at being Catherine or Grissom.

There will be 3 crime scenes to work on and at the end of the whole exercise, participants will be given a certificate of achievement. Sounds fun, eh?

Venue : Singapore Science Center
Opening hours : 1000 hrs – 1800 hrs
Ticket price : SGD 21

For more details on this exhibition (who are the developers, how is their world tour mapped,  etc), go here.

If you are in SG and keen to catch them before the tour ends on Feb 15th, 2011 … ping me. I’m definitely jumping on to catch the last train before it goes back to Hollywood.


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Happy V-Day!

Hope your year ahead is filled with an abundance of Love and Life.

P/S – It’s ok to hurt sometimes, because it is when we hurt that we truly appreciate the love.


Joyful Campus

Posted in Entertainment with tags on February 11, 2011 by eleenpor

Thank you for pinging me today.
Thank you for remembering that you owe me a birthday pressie.
Thank you for your effort to dig out one of my all-time favourites.
(you know I’ve been looking for this for ages!)

This is what made my day today.

P/S – I know you love it that you’ve found your passion again where you’re at but don’t injure yourself while at it, ok? Say Hi to the folks I love Down Under, will ya?


Posted in Rant with tags on February 10, 2011 by eleenpor

Just had the crappiest day since I got here.