BS is not bulls**t

*A very belated post but it definitely deserves a spot in this space*

Received this short message from you last week.

“Hi, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You take life by storm and squeeze every drop of water from the clouds. You are very special and deserve all that comes your way. Keep up the fun! Love, BS”

Y’know, your short message left me glowing for days. Mainly because you reminded me of the special moments we shared. The laughter and the tears. The excitement and the adventure. Most of all, the love and the joy.

It’s beautiful, really.

When I think of you, I get happy images in my head.

Of vineyards and yellow meadows filled with mustard. Of the Golden Gate Bridge. Of Hollywood & Universal Studios. Of Disneyland. Of romantic drives along the coastline. Of dancing lights from the fireplace. Of pure-white snowflakes. And many, many more beautiful images.

Until the day I close my eyes to this world, I will always remember how beautiful life is with you. And I will always remember how we love each other.

Still, we chose.
And we are happy with our choices, you and I.

Hope life is treating you well where you’re at. Just don’t OD on the tequila.

2 Responses to “BS is not bulls**t”

  1. Just read this post of yours today. Been feeling under the weather. Woke up with feelings of anger and disappointment today. But when I read this post of yours, I felt all nostalgic and remember that life’s been good for me. Thank you darling for sharing…for teaching and showing me time and again how life should be. Love you and love your passion. I admire you.

  2. Aww…babe. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Post-CNY times are tough on most folks (I’ve been battling a sore throat for the past week too).

    Yes, we all had our good & bad times. And as humans, we tend to allow the trying times cloud over the good ones. That is why I constantly remind myself that no matter how sh*tty things/Life may get, I can always retreat to my own world and pull out my happy memories to remind me that Yup, I’ve lived Life!

    Love you too, babe. Loads.

    P/S – I’m passing some V-day candies to a friend who’s coming to SG this week for biz trip. Will arrange for my man to collect from her when she gets back to PG so that he can pass to you, k?

    Happy V-Day, babe!!! *muax*

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