The CSI Experience

This weekend, I will be meeting these folks.

It’s an interactive exhibition where one gets to put on the CSI cap and crack some staged cases. Basically, playing at being Catherine or Grissom.

There will be 3 crime scenes to work on and at the end of the whole exercise, participants will be given a certificate of achievement. Sounds fun, eh?

Venue : Singapore Science Center
Opening hours : 1000 hrs – 1800 hrs
Ticket price : SGD 21

For more details on this exhibition (who are the developers, how is their world tour mapped,  etc), go here.

If you are in SG and keen to catch them before the tour ends on Feb 15th, 2011 … ping me. I’m definitely jumping on to catch the last train before it goes back to Hollywood.

4 Responses to “The CSI Experience”

  1. See pek jelesssssss :p

  2. Oh BTW, Feb 15th? Isn’t it over d?

  3. Whoops…got the date wrong. Its last day is 20th Feb, this Sunday.

  4. I was planning to save the trip till when you folks come to visit but since it’s ending this Sunday, no choice loh. I gotta go without you folks 😦

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