6 years on

Who’d think that we’d come this far?
Who’d think that we’d grow so strong?
Who’d think that we’d survive all those insane roller coaster rides?
Who’d think indeed.

I think the most (pleasantly) surprised people by the way things turn out would be none other than the 2 of us.

We walked into this with our eyes wide open. Expecting nothing and giving everything. With one ultimate goal in mind : Happiness.

Thinking back, I believe that was the key ingredient to the success of it all. We don’t expect anything from each other. Yet, we love. And live. Taking everyday like it will be our last. Making sure we do things that make us happy. Only that and nothing else.

Some folks tsk-ed at us and condescendingly tell us that we are wasting our time and our lives away. Others give us the green-eyed glare. Amusingly, some folks just plain refused to accept that I (we) am (are) just well, different.

Hey, I never claim to be ordinary. Neither did he. And that’s why we work so well together.

After 6 years, alot of my ‘ordinary’ friends complained about how ancient they feel. How boring their love-lives are. How predictable their patterns have become. How the partner takes a backseat and the kid is put on the pedestal. How the excitement died. How it all dried up.

Well … we may be wasting our lives away. We may be doing things ‘wrong’ by societal standards. We may be weird in the eyes of many. We may just be the oddballs.

One teeny (but important) fact, though.

We are happy.
And that should be all that matters.

Happy 6th Anniversary to us.

5 Responses to “6 years on”

  1. milkywaykid Says:

    Very well-written indeed!
    Do what is best for yourselves and no one else. After all this is about you both, for you both and most importantly, this is YOUR life. Other people don’t and can’t live it for you.

  2. Thx for your words of encouragement, milkywaykid. You’d think they’d get it after all these years but noooooooo. They still annoy the sh*ts outta me by insisting I am ‘wrong’ by not wanting to be mainstream. Hence, my most recent post. Sigh! When will they ever get it? Or will they ever?

  3. Don’t worry about them. These people are not worth being your friends if they don’t respect your life choices! 😉

  4. Sadly CH, some of those folks are family as well. However, friends or family, I never worry abt them. I just worry abt myself. Cos I can’t promise that I’d be civil in my response to their annoying pestering! And yes, I bite! :p

  5. Darling…what you said is so true!! What is important is that the persons involved are happy. Why bother about what other says, since we are not pat-to-ing with ’em. Congratulations on making it this far and still feel the spark. I wish you both much happiness and butterflies for many years to come!

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